As a painter we understand that color and sheen consultation is part of the paint game, but we do like it when customers provide a base color tone to work from. Understanding your color preference, do you prefer soft or hard colors, helps form a base to which you can add other colors to accentuate the base color. Understanding your color preference will help you choose best the color for your next home exterior paint project.
Do you live in NE Dallas metro area, are you in need of a reliable painting company?  Give us a try
We specialize in home painting services and offer the best interior painting solutions and would be happy to visit your property, survey the project and provide a paint estimate.

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your entire house can greatly enhance curb appeal, but if it isn't in the budget there are a number of painting alternatives that will have a huge return on your home investment.
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Paint References:  A paint company should always be able to provide a list of good paint job references.  If possible, drive by recently completed jobs and take a look at the quality of the work.
Commercial Painting Services. We can paint your commercial space in sections to minimize disruptions or we can discuss evening or weekend painting services. We understand how important it is to keep your office systems up and running, we will work with you to minimize downtime.
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Paint Job Proposal:  A well written paint proposal will carefully detail what is included in the paint job.  This allows both parties to clarify any omissions or misunderstandings.  The paint job proposal speaks volumes about the paint company's professionalism.
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Paint Pricing:  When choosing the best paint quote, make sure you are comparing oranges-to-oranges.  Compare written paint estimates (not verbal promises) regarding the paint project preparation time, quality of paint materials, number of paint coats, etc.  The lowest paint price is seldom the best price.
We specialize in home painting services and understand that your home is your gateway. We offer the best home interior painting solutions and would be happy to visit, survey the project, and provide a paint estimate.
We provide a 3yr warranty on all paint work and use only the highest quality paints. Our paint foreman have years experience working with residential and commercial paint clients and our paint crews are safety trained and pay attention to the small details.
We offer free onsite paint surveys, paint estimates and can offer painting color matching tips if needed.  We will survey your project site and provide a detailed paint estimate containing the paint project scope of work and financial summary.

We spend the time to learn about your paint project vision, then discuss the painting preparation and paint work details.  Within 48 hours we will supply a detailed paint estimate to complete the house paint job. schedule a free house painting estimate toda